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Sirian Oracle Reading with Rosamund



Sirian Oracle Reading

Rosamund, as a messenger connects with the Sirian Energies. The Sirians are the Blue Star beings that have existed a long time ago. They are believed to have helped humanity over the centuries. Now, they have decided to take their place and uplift Earth's energies once again.

The Oracle Reading aims to guide the seeker/querent in the various aspect but very crucial reflections in his/her soul's journey.

“In the cycle of earthy reality, The seeker/querent will face and discover the essentials of existence in form:

~The magic of manifesting form
~Higher self and the inherent wisdom one brings through one's karmic record
~The flow of energy in all its boundless expression
~The importance of structure in the creative stream
~Spiritual guidance
~The giving of one’s self to love
~The power of right mind over the senses
~The meaning of true strength

Energy Exchange Fee

Sirian Oracle Reading: $150.00 for 60 minutes session

                                     $180.00 for 90 minutes session


To enquire, call us at 6451-3418 or SMS 8498-7653 during office hours (3-9pm on weekdays, 12-8pm on weekends)

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In order to avoid this, please make a direct payment of $150 or $180 through Bank Deposit/Transfer.
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Lazaris in the channelled work, ‘The Sirius Connection’ says this:-  “Stars and planets dot your heavens. Many are vortexes where energy enters your universe and where energy leaves your universe. The grandest of these vortexes is Sirius – the Vortex of the Goddess”.

1994 saw two incredible astronomical and celestial occurrences – the Grand Union of Sirius – when Sirius A and Sirius B came as close to each other as they can be – and the re-positioning of Pluto which came into exact alignment with it. Such an event had not occurred in more than 90.000 years and will not reoccur for another 90,000 years. When this rarest of rare alignments took place, the Vortex of Sirius opened.

Lazaris says: – “The Vortex of the Goddess through which all energy enters and leaves your Universe, through which all the Archetypal energy flows, through which your Higher Self’s energy enters, has opened wide and opened full”.

“When the Vortex opened it filled you with Light, a Light that will change, grow, transmute and transform you. Through it flowed the Light and Love that can allow you to transcend what has been, and to create what will be. It is through the gateway represented by the brilliant blue-white star Sirius – that all the energy enters your universe – the energy that is your very Soul and Spirit, the energy of your Higher Self”.

“This is a time of new birth and of new life. It is the time of the grandest transmutation, the grandest transformation and yes, of the grandest transcendence that has ever occurred. The Goddess is returning and She brings with Her a Light, a Light that once lit, cannot be extinguished.”