Audrey's Wellness

New Earth Technology (5-months) via Zoom with Audrey


Audrey's Wellness

New Earth Technology (5-months) via Zoom with Audrey


New Earth Technology

(Navigating to the New Age)

5-months Program Via Zoom

With Audrey


We are in a period of transition in which people are being nudged by the spiritual forces to leave behind the old consciousness and embrace the new.


As the new energies come in, you may feel them as turbulence; they may shake things up in your life so that you can make the necessary changes.

But many of us reject or could not cope with these changes.

This 5-months program will assist you in navigating with the change.

You will be guided with the tools, techniques, methods, prayers and affirmations that will assist you to the life in the new earth.

Lesson 1- Aquarian Age: 23 Oct

Understanding The New Aquarian Age & Daily Programme For The Earth

Step by step guidance on living on the new earth

Lesson 2- Archangelic Technology: 21 Nov

This technology holds blessings and dispensations from the Archangels and Angels Realm for their sacred service to the humanity.

Lesson 3- Working with Light: 18 Dec

Methods of Working with the Light, Formulas & Purification.

How to work with the light for your daily practice.

Lesson 4- Inner Plane Ascended Masters Technology  22 Jan

This technology is created by the Inner Plane Ascended Masters and by the Emissaries of the Great Central Sun and Great Central Moon.

Lesson 5-Love and Light Technology : 19 Feb

Advanced Tools Designed for Healing, Transformation and Manifestation such as Ascension Pyramids, Technologies For Karmic Clearing, Love Technology, Healing Chambers and more.

Package $880/5 Sessions or $200 x 5 months