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Angel Therapy Distant Transmission with Audrey (1 session)


Audrey's Wellness

Angel Therapy Distant Transmission with Audrey (1 session)


Angel Therapy Distant Transmission is a non-traditional technique.

Angel therapy distant transmission uses the gentle and loving Angelic Energy, Colors of Light, Positive intent and Visualization to perform healing on someone who is not physically present. It works by energy transference from the healer to the receiver.

Distant healing is appropriate and as perfect as hands-on healing as the healing works on the energetic plane rather than the physical plane. The process itself involves the Healer connecting with the recipient on an energetic level.

The method is simple.

On the agreed date of healing transmission, the healer (Audrey) with the help and guidance of the Archangels, Ascended Masters and All the Beautiful Angels of Light will form the healing through a transmission that involves energy infused and powered with love, positive vibrations, healing energies, rays of colors, light and symbols plus attuned to the specific intention and blessed by the Angels and Archangels.

The Recipient:
You do not have to be meditating or on the phone with Audrey while she does the remote work; you can be at work, play, or sleeping and you will still get all the healing energies.

So this format is ideal for those who are busy and find it hard to commit to specific times to do healing work. All the transmissions are offered to your Higher Self, and integrate at a pace that ensure maximum ease and grace for you.

It is suggested that you eat and rest well during the program so that your body is strong and best able to work with all the transmissions more quickly.

To book a session:
Simply click below for payment and send email to audrey@audrey-wellness.com.

Send your photo, date of birth, description of condition and intended healing treatment.

For best results, must set specific time and date so the recipient will be fully relaxed to receive the healing.

(1) The Love Distant Therapy

This will heal your heart from past traumas, especially in regards to soul-mate or family relationships and empower you to manifest your desired relationship. The art of co-creating begins with the knowledge that your inner world is reflective in your outer world.

Through the healing and the guidance of the angelic realm, once you are free from the limitations of your mind or past situations, you will move closer towards your compatible soulmate.

(2) The Spiritual Healing Distant Therapy

This will connect you with the higher realms which will completely transform your way of life.

You will connect with your higher self, usually referred to as your spirit or soul, which will bring you an understanding that you are much more than you realize.

This will lead to you accessing abilities that you were never aware of up until that point in time, including your Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience skills, in order to live a life seeing, hearing and feeling the love of your guiding angels. Expect a huge positive and amazing life transformation with this session.

(3) The Health & Well-Being Distant Therapy

This will heal your energetic bodies by channelling the pure, healing and subtle energies of the angelic realm. Balance, harmony and vitality begins in the mind, creates your emotions and eventually reflects on your physical body.

By energetic bodies we mean the energy field around you sometimes referred to as your aura. This energy field contains many layers of your being, including your mental, emotional, astral and soul bodies - your complete spiritual and physical anatomy.

As they are all strongly interlinked, when one layer contains energetic blocks caused by negativity, it will have an impact on the others. The final place for this negativity to show itself is your physical body.

This therapy treatment will work as a complementary therapy in line with your current medical treatments and with the professional advice of your doctors.


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