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Be A Money Magnet Group Coaching


Audrey's Wellness

Be A Money Magnet Group Coaching


Be A Success & Money Magnet

Group Coaching with Audrey

4x90 minutes Powerful Sessions

Your current financial situation is the direct reflection of your inner relationship with money.

It’s time to evaluate and know where you stand financially...

  • Are you struggling with your Finances?
  • Are you feeling undervalued in your career?
  • Are you not achieving your dreams and desires?
  • Are you just making ends meet?
  • Are you tired of working hard and not having enough?
  • Are you feeling unsafe of your financial stability?
  • Are you in bad debts?
  • Or, Are you simply keen to improve your finances?

If you say Yes to any of the above, this coaching program is calling out to you.

In this Program, Audrey will channel messages and information from your Money Angel & Guide on what have caused your situation, what went wrong, point out blockages, and to receive relevant information on how to move forward. Audrey will also provide direct energy transmission and help in raising consciousness and energetic frequency.

The program consists of 4-part sessions where Audrey, being your life coach, will guide you on a personal journey of transforming your relationship with money to achieve success and be a money magnet.

The program will help:

  • To eradicate blockage to enjoying Success, Wealth & Abundance in your life
  • To help define a unique “Branding” of yourself & achieve Self-Worth
  • To attract the job or clients that pays you well
  • To shift and elevate your relationship with money so as to Build Your Security & Stability
  • To learn the Magic of Manifestation
  • To apply a powerful Success Accelerator in your life

And much more....

Plus, Audrey will help you to design your new Magnetic Money Plan for one year...

This coaching program will teach you how to be on a magical journey of having fun while expressing your innate strengths and gifts plus being valued for who you are and making BIG money!😀


Don’t miss, it is indeed a great opportunity! A 1-time investment to a Lifetime of Posperity & Success.