Audrey's Wellness

Animal Spirit Medicine Workshop by Linda & Ashoka


Audrey's Wellness

Animal Spirit Medicine Workshop by Linda & Ashoka


Whoever said mankind is more intelligent than animals? Well, from the Animal Spirit realm at least, they seem to hold far more wisdom than us!

Join Linda and Ashoka for the fifth time as they invite you to explore your animal companions - and they don’t just mean your pets!

There’s a whole other dimension where wise, powerful and compassionate Animal Spirit Guides reside. And they wish to connect with us, to assist us, and to heal us - if only we’re willing to work with them!

Let Ashoka lead you on a shamanic meditation called Journeying as you traverse the inner planes to come to know your Totem Animal. Connect with it just like a friend, and let it accompany you through the ups and downs of life.

We’ll also meet the Totem Animals guiding and watching over us and our soul family, our ancestral lineage. And as we remember our spiritual heritage, what better way to honour them than through art and craft - just as our ancestors did!

As a parting gift, Linda will personally channel and create an artwork of your Power Animal - one that is presently lending you its talents in your current endeavour or phase of life.

So make a date with the Spirit Animal kingdom, and let their medicine work magic in your life!

Bring along a buddy and save on the energy exchange! Do RSVP early so that Linda can get to work on her parting gift for you!

Date: Sunday, 30 Sep 2018, 5pm - 7pm

Venue: Audrey’s Wellness/Love for Crystals, 228A Upper Thomson Road

RSVP to 8498 7653 or call 6451 3418 on weekdays 3pm - 9pm and weekends 12pm - 8pm.

Energy Exchange: $78 per person

Bring-a-Friend Offer: $68 per person

About Linda Danker:

Linda is a Channel & Intuitive Art Practitioner who reads past lives, soul gifts and life purpose. She draws and sketches energetic portraits as a way for you to gain an insight into your aura, chakras, guides and abilities.

About Ashoka:

Ashoka is a Holistic Practitioner in the fields of Wellness, Spirituality, New Age & Metaphysics. He is also an Usui Reiki Healer, Akashic Records Consultant, Angel Intuitive, Tibetan Mantra Healing Practitioner, and a Munay-Ki Initiate/Instructor.

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