Mystic Rose Healing

Mystic Rose Healing is a system founded by Audrey Agcaoili

This healing system was given to Audrey by her Master Guide Lady Nada to assist in clearing and healing soul damage in all levels.

The healing system works on two levels: (1) deep core level which consists of Karma and Ancestral lineage and (2) outer octave which works on soul retrieval & soul extraction or pulling out of negative energies.

Mystic Rose Healing is a comprehensive system of healing for those who suffer from chronic fatigue, stress and imbalance. The healing is a full integration of your mind, body and spirit to acquire boundless energy.

Mystic Rose Healing is a step-by-step process of clearing and healing. Each step must be done to go to the next level of healing, as each layer is interconnected.

The healing system will help achieve increased energy, a stronger immune system, improved nerves, skin, blood, muscular and respiratory systems. It will also assist in the ability to hold more light in the physical body. It will also assist in activating psychic gifts that are aligned with your soul purpose.

Mystic Rose Healing through its process will facilitate clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns that will improve wealth and health of your genetic lineage. It will open a permanent link to the unlimited resources of Mother Earth.

Mystic Rose Healing Sessions:

Session One and Two can be taken as as one session at $300/60 minutes per session

Session Three and Four can be taken as as one session at $300/60 minutes per session

Session One: Mystic Rose Soul Readings & Karmic Clearing
(Includes Karmic Clearing meditation & Pulling out of Karmic Seeds) 30 minutes

Session Two: Mystic Rose Ancestral Healing & Soul Retrieval
(Includes Ancestral Healing meditation, healing ancestral lineage & pulling out of ancestral weeds) 30 minutes

Session Three: Mystic Rose Soul Retrieval
(Includes Soul retrieval meditation for fragmented parts of soul and stolen soul) 30 minutes

Session Four: Mystic Rose Soul Extraction & Energy Repair
(Clearing of negative interference, cords, hooks. Releasing of excess & negative energy, balancing right/left brain) 30 minutes

Mystic Rose DNA Activation and Attunement

(Only after completing the 4 sessions above)
Package: 12 & 24 strands DNA activation plus 5 distant attunements $400 usual $600

After the Four Sessions of Mystic Rose Healing, twelve strands of DNA is activated as session 1 then followed by 5 attunements done via remote session and last session is 24 DNA strands activation.

1st Attunement:
DNA Activation of 5,000 strands at the level of Blue Light Body, to bring health, vitality and good flow in life.

2nd Attunement:
DNA Activation of 15,000 strands at the level of Violet Light Body, to clear dualities and healing emotional and mental bodies.

3rd Attunement:
DNA Activation of 35,000 strands at the level of White Light Body, for enlightenment and soul-mastery.

4th Attunement:
DNA Activation of 80,000 strands at the level of Gold Light Body, to be one with God Creator in unified essences and we return to Source ready for new adventures.

5th Attunement:
DNA Activation of 150,000 strands at the level of Platinum Light Body, Healing physical body organs, circulatory systems, lymphatic systems, kundalini energy channel and tantric energy channel.

Sessions are available every Tues and Thursday (5pm, 6pm and 7pm). 

To book, call us at 6451 3418 during office hours (3-9pm on weekdays, 12-8pm on weekends)