Wilson Wu - Jikiden Reiki

Wilson remembers always being able to perceive subtle energies around him and those of the people he meets. He also grew up skeptical of these experiences until various encounters proved them to be useful in helping and healing family and friends. He has since had over 15 years of experience in various energy healing modalities and holistic counseling. Over the years, Wilson has constantly engaged himself in learning and improving his skills. He has studied with various teachers and received several initiations which have allowed him to work with other international healers for workshops and healing ceremonies in such cities as London, Kyoto, Bali, New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. He looks forward to sharing, being of service, and learning more from all he meets.
Wilson is happy to offer the following:
Individual Sessions:
- Reiki Healing
- Finding Your Soul Sound/Song (exploring and healing ourselves through our voices)
- Shamanic Healing
- Shamanic Journeying
Group Sessions:
Finding Our Soul Sound/Song (exploring and healing ourselves through our voices)
Shamanic Journeying 
Workshops with Certification:
Traditional Japanese Reiki (Jikiden Reiki)
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Other Events:
Reiki Share
Reiju-kai (for Jikiden Reiki Students only - includes additional attunements)
Availability: Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays
To book, call us at 6451-3418 or SMS 8498-7653 during office hours (3-9pm on weekdays, 12-8pm on weekends)