Rosamund Koko - Intuitive Oracle Reader/Healing Guide

Life is interesting…

Rosamund's spiritual journey began in 2002 triggered by her own issues that needed healing. She started off in Belly Dancing, learning that the art of Belly Dance was used in Ancient Egypt for childbirth and celebration for womanhood. Her studies in BA Psychology with Business and Transactional Analysis were very useful tools during her tenor as a Teacher in British and American Schools in Egypt. Her field in dealing with children exposed her to the various conditions that required understanding and healing of these precious souls of the future. 

As she realized that healing comes from within, she was guided to further her exploration into self healing. Learning the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Method of Life Energy Renewal by Barbara McGreggor, allowed her to spring start distant healing for others as well. Healing with Angelic Guidance by Audrey Agcaoili and Angel Miracles by Elizabeth Jensen equipped her with skills in channeling messages, automatic writing and drawing, and psychic intuitive reading.

Her spiritual journey continued to unfold bringing her to the theory, science, art and advanced her to a Practitioner with Isis Lotus Healing from Isis Mystery School by Elizabeth Jenson. She has also attained a certificate in the studies of Soulmates and Twin Flames dynamics by Ravenwolfe Teu. Her knowledge and experience first hand encounters of these sacred journeys allows her to guide and coach others who are in need of doing their inner works for ascension.

Her discovery of the wonders of the spiritual realms intrigues her and provides the essential guidance for those who crosses her path. Rosamund wants to fully use her knowledge in service raising the consciousness of others, bringing self awareness and aiding in the evolution of the New Earth.

Healing session : $150.00 per hour session
Sirian Oracle Reading: $150.00 per hour session
Twin Flame Dynamics Guidance: $150.00 per hour session.

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