Linda Danker - Past Life Reading Practitioner

Linda’s journey with the angels began soon after she had an angel reading done in 2012.

Ten years before that, Linda had readings done by an elderly psychic/clairvoyant and she subsequently began learning about ascended masters, chants and mantras until the latter’s passing in 2013. It was under the guidance of this beloved lady that Linda discovered her gifts and embarked on her spiritual journey.


Since her first angel card reading in 2012, Linda’s fascination for angels sent her on a quest to learn as much as she could about them. Her learning journey through workshops has prepared her to open to the guidance of the higher realms. This has led her to where she is now.


Because of her desire to help whomever she can, Linda’s passion for reading past lives offers accurate answers and helpful clues to questions that clients have. As each one of us has many past lives, Linda tunes into a past life for the ‘unfinished’ lesson from the past that is relevant to the client’s current lifetime. Guidance from archangels, angels, ascended masters and spirit guides allows her to provide the missing pieces in the jigsaw of people’s lives; past and present.


Past Life Reading Session

$100 / 45 minutes

Saturdays from 3pm - 8pm
Sundays from 4pm - 8pm

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