Past Lives & Healing

Linda offers this as a package to bring up and address unresolved issues from past lives through a reading which is followed by a healing session.
Channeling her guides, Linda’s healing sessions work on what is needed and necessary at that point of your life and can include cancelling past life vows, contracts and promises that no longer serve you now.
Linda incorporates healing using either:
1. Mystic Rose Healing with the help and guidance of Ascended Master Lady Nada: OR
2. Auset (Isis) Temple Healing with the help and guidance of Goddess Auset and other Egyptian Divinities.

Energy Exchange:
Reading only: $150 for 1 hour
Reading & Healing: $180 for 1.5 hours

Energetic Portraits™
As an Intuitive Art Practitioner, Linda channels, draws, sketches, paints Energetic Portraits™ as a way to gain insights into their auras, chakras, soul lessons, gifts and past lives. The full name and a full-bodied photograph of the client against a white or light-coloured background is all that is required for the portrait to be prepared.
In addition to the portrait, a printed report of the messages she receives will accompany the painted canvas of size 31cm by 31cm (12-inch by 12-inch). It will take between 10 days to 2 weeks to complete.
Energetic Portraits™ tell your soul’s story and through the colours, offer continuous healing as you meditate on it for the progress of your soul and spirit.
Energy Exchange:
Canvas & detailed report: $180