Abelene - Intuitive Life Coaching

Abelene Hu is an Intuitive Life Coach, Organisational Wellbeing Corporate Trainer and creator of the 5 Steps to Self-Mastery™ public workshop Series. Her hope is to help others overcome what she had been through and to create positive work cultures to increase productivity and job satisfaction. The core of her service is to cultivate practical life skills.

Having survived depression, low self-esteem, weight issues, anxiety attacks and a suicide attempt, Abelene knows first-hand just how lost it feels to go by each day feeling stuck, soulless and clueless. She am now sharing what she has learned on her healing journey.

Abelene is an internationally licensed as a Heal Your Life® Life Coach, Corporate Trainer and Workshop Teacher based on the work of self-development pioneer Louise L. Hay. She is also certified in the Medical Intuition System™ (MIS) energy healing modality. Abelene integrates the positive thinking techniques and safe emotional release methods from Louise Hay with the energy balancing elements of MIS, Mindfulness, Aromatherapy and Human Design to facilitate transformation. Abelene believes that for change to be effective and sustainable, the physical, emotional, mental and energetic aspects of the self have to be taken care of.

Ready for change? Abelene is here to empower and guide you through your own transformational journey.

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