• A Christmas Message from Archangel Michael (channeled through Audrey Agcaoili)
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    Audrey Agcaoili

A Christmas Message from Archangel Michael (channeled through Audrey Agcaoili)

Dear Lovely People at Audrey's Group,

We are honored to have this wonderful moment to share with you our light through this message of love on Christmas Eve.

Christmas is a joyous celebration of the birth of Christ.

It is a beautiful time of birth and rebirth. May this be a time of birth to a new soul in you, centered in Christ consciousness of Unconditional Love.

We are thankful indeed for the gift of faithfulness and gentleness that you have bestowed upon us and the Angelic Realm.

We are the true witness of your love.

Let us speak and share the wisdom that we are!

Trust in your communication with us, for we hear your plea in every call for help.

It is through your faithfulness that you find the true pathway to your destination. Life may not be perfect, but it can create perfect experiences.

There are many of you who've followed our trail. We want to thank you! :)

There are many of you who have explored and continued to explore, learning and gaining wisdom each and every step of your way. Be brave!

There are many of who are doubtful and unaware of what is real. Let there be more light!

The year 2014 is another year of change.

You are in a period of transition now, which started a few years ago and will continue for a few more years. It is a great honor to take part and live through the dawning of this new Age, a New Consciousness.

To be alive now, is a gift for your soul and a blessing to its wonderful journey.

You are in a very important stage in human's spiritual evolution where majority of you are awakening and able to fulfill most lessons and accomplishing more rewards in this lifetime.

We are happy to be part of this wonderful achievement in human's spiritual evolution.

There is a surge of new energies that you may feel as turbulence, for they may shake things up in your life.

Do not be afraid.

Remember, there will always be light in places where there's harmony, love and flow!

Some may reject these new changes and new energies... Some may hold on to the old... But, we tell you now, old ways doesn't work anymore.

Those souls who are not ready to deal with the new energies may decide to leave, and be back at a time when the new energies are settled.

You may also experience the boundaries between the material and the invisible worlds are dissolving. You have more access in receiving messages and support from your Guides and Angels now.

This is the meeting of the physical and the spiritual realms, which takes place when your third eye is activated.

The old consciousness speaks of "I AM" But in the new consciousness, we speak of " WE ARE!"

In the old consciousness, you have explored and worked alone.

In the new consciousness, you will shift to growing together in groups and communities, with sharing and dissolving separation.

To whichever direction that you are heading, know that there will always be plentiful of support from the higher realm.

Trust in the guidance of your faith. It will show you the road that will lead you to fulfill your role.

Find peace and focus inwards- calmly and peacefully, this will direct you to the keys of Wisdom to Eternity.

As you open your heart to the Wisdom of thy Spirit...

Each of you will be blessed with the Gifts of Grace, to receive the help from the Above.

Each of you will be blessed with the Light of Hope, to guide you in opening brighter pathways to new changes.

Each of you will be blessed with the Gentleness of thy Hearts, to keep the flame of love alive.

Each of you will be blessed with Loving Thoughts, to dissolve fear and calmly embrace the uniqueness of each and every individual.

And each of you will be blessed with thy Kindered Soul, to assist you in bringing LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE in this World.

May you continue to stay inspired and loving.

Christ's unconditional love is within all of you!

Feel the joy in your spirit!

Meditate and bring the new awareness, the new energies and a new reality in the life that you exist!

We are your friends at the Higher Realm and will always be at your service!

There will be lots of support from the Angels, Ascended Masters and the Universe! We are ONE!

Ask and We shall give. Be open to receive and you shall flourish in this Life and Eternity!

A Joyous Christmas to All!

With Grace, keep us always in thy faith,
Archangel Michael
Through Audrey Agcaoili
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    Audrey Agcaoili