Join us online - Audrey guesting on DZMM Pinoy Vibes on 15th November!

Audrey guesting in Manila back in Mar 2015
Snapshot of Audrey guesting in Manila in March 2015

Audrey will be guesting on the popular "live" radio show - Dzmm Pinoy Vibes on Sunday 15th November, 1am to 3am! You can catch her on DZMM online radio or tune in to Channel 28 on TV if you are in the Philippines!

Click on THIS LINK to access the online streaming audio of the radio show at 1am sharp on 15th Nov!

We will post pictures of the exciting event on our blog and year-end newsletter. Stay tuned!

Archangel Circle Monthly Meetup: Meditation, Healing & Channeling (Friday, 19th June, 7pm)

This unique program is anchored by Archangel Michael, with the support of the other Archangels, facilitated by Audrey Agcaoili

You will receive guidance from the Archangels every month, plus group healing and meditation.
Each meet up is unique, as the Archangels will inspire and guide based on current issues and cosmic events.

The aim of this meet up is to assist you in your spiritual journey towards ascension and raise the vibration of the earth.

Please register early as space is limited!

Date: 19 June (Friday)
Time: 7:00 - 9:30pm
Audrey's Wellness
Energy exchange: $35
Call: 6451-3418 to register

Audrey On DZMM Original Audio Recording Is Up!

We posted a blog about Audrey's guesting on DZMM in the Philippines more than a week ago.

Now the audio is up! It is in Tagalog. Hope to be able to do a transcription soon so that non-tagalog speaking friends can also get into the details from the show.

Meanwhile, enjoy the recording! You may like to fast forward to 23m00s where Audrey is being introduced.


Here are some snapshots on Audrey's guesting on Pinoy Vibes in the Philippines!

Audrey went "live" on International Women's Day!
Yes! 8th of March 2015 at 1 a.m on DZMM online radio and Channel 28 nationwide in the Philippines. Did you miss it? Here are some snapshots...

Looking pretty and getting ready for the event!


At The Recording Studio!
And we are "live" at the recording studio with Miss Stargazer and Audrey! Audrey gave an introductory talk about Angels, how she discovered her gift at the tender age of 6 and how she began her journey working with the Angels. She touched on topics such as automatic writing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clair-sentience and clair-cognizance. She also gave readings to callers and fans who posted on DZMM Facebook. The comments just kept coming in non-stop. It's overwhelming!


"Live" on TV - Channel 28 in the Philippines!

We will be posting the audio recording and if possible, the video recording of Audrey's guesting on Pinoy Vibes.

Look out and check back often to keep posted!

Catch Audrey "LIVE" on Pinoy Vibes with Stargazer on 8th March, Sunday (1:00am Singapore Time)

Catch Audrey of Audrey's Wellness and Love for Crystals on 8th March, Sunday (1:00am Singapore Time) on Stargazer's Pinoy Vibes TV/Radio Program. She will be guesting to talk about Angels.

It will be televised on Channel 28 in the Philippines. You can also catch the LIVE online audio streaming on DZMM TELE RADYO!


Audrey's Wellness Holistic Hub is Born!

Audrey Agcaoili, founder of Audrey's Wellness had a recent inspiration to create a "Space for Oneness" among Holistic Practitioners in bringing holistic awareness as a social lifestyle to the mainstream community, and thus the Audrey's Wellness is transformed from Audrey's personal healing space to a Holistic Hub.

It is a 1600 square feet second level shop space, located at the heart of Upper Thomson Garden Estate in 228A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore.

Our team of practitioners at Audrey's Wellness!

It offers numerous holistic services such as Angelic Life Coaching, Sound Healing, Tarot Reading, Numerology, Feng Shui, Yoga, Crystal Mandala, Art Reading, Hypno-Reiki, Pranic Healing, Divination, Shamanic Reiki and countless workshops facilitated by passionate and loving Team of Practitioners.

Audrey's Wellness Holistic Hub, through its baby project, Love For Crystals, offers a wide and unique array of holistic essential tools from natural gemstones, crystals, oils to new age products and much more, which are all beautifully showcased in the website www.loveforcrystals.com.

Audrey's Wellness Holistic Hub is one of the recipients of Singapore Small & Medium Entrepreneur's (SME) PRESTIGE AWARD 2013-2014 which was held in Marina Bay Sands Convention Center in May 2014.

The holistic hub's vision is to create a camaraderie among holistic practitioners in making Earth, a better place to live, and in bringing social awareness to a new balanced lifestyle - advocating nature, living simply, having mindful thoughts, calm emotions, inspired disposition and it all starts from within.


We are happy to share that we are one of the SME PRESTIGE AWARD recipients this evening at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center.

The SME PRESTIGE AWARD showcases outstanding Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in Singapore who have shown impressive track record and dedication in expanding it’s branding as well as the quality of products and services to its client base.

Based on a nomination process, this program is to promote and honour entrepreneurial elites who possess entrepreneurial spirits in the operation of their small and medium-sized business. The recognition is given to companies based on quality products, commendable services rendered to the public and its contributions to the economic development of Singapore.

Thank you to all our clients, students, friends, supporters and colleagues for the continued love and support!


Stepping Into Love Connection (Andara Crystal Healing Circle)

By Karen J Dawson
16 May 7-9pm
Fee: $40
Call Eliza or Gladys at 64513418 to reserve a space 

In every moment, Spirit or Source invites us to experience ever greater and deeper Love, our True Nature. Love has no end to it but seeks to continuously unfold in our lives …. if we but let it!

Are you open and willing to receive a Greater Love?

So many of us have walls around our hearts blocking our ability to receive Love. We may have the belief that “Love hurts” or “No one Loves me” or “I am just unLoveable” buried deep in our subconscious attracting events which end up reinforcing these beliefs. We then begin, bit by imperceptible bit, shutting ourselves off from Love. And when we block Love from one source we begin shutting ourselves off to all Love, including the Love of lovers, loved ones and Source.

What would it be and feel like to open up easily to Love, free of judgments, thoughts, beliefs of unworthiness, guilt and shame and to connect more deeply to the beautiful beLoved being that you truly be and to Source who Loves you?

Andara Crystals which are leading edge vibrational tools for transformation will be assisting us to open up to Love. These beautiful and powerful crystals are here to help us heal, transform and manifest our lives in the best and highest possible way. 

In this Sacred Loving Space, you will:

1) Learn how to use Andara Crystals to easily clear our entire energy system, including chakras and meridians

2) Acknowledge and Honour your feelings (wherever you are at, it’s okay!);

3) Connect deeply with your Heart Centre with the assistance of Andara Crystals and Give Yourself Permission to Give and Receive Love;

4) Clear some Beliefs, Programmes and Thought Patterns which may be Blocking Your Experience of Love at All Levels;

5) Open up to Greater Receptivity of Unconditional Love from the Beings of Light, who are the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels, as well as Spirit/Source.

6) Be Imprinted with Love and Deepen Your Connection to Self and to Spirit.

Come join us and experience the extraordinary Andara Crystals and Greater Love in an Evening Dedicated to Love.

About Karen J Dawson

Karen was a trained lawyer working for a Malaysian multinational 16 years ago when she decided to learn healing from Anne Jones, a world-renowned and respected Teacher and Healer, and her life changed forever.

Karen’s love affair with crystals began soon after and she has been working with them ever since. Over the years, Karen has been trained in other healing modalities too such as Reiki, Quantum Touch, ThetaHealing and Access Bars. Karen has also worked for several years with various oracle and divinatory cards and is a trained Tarot card reader. During this time, Karen attended numerous self- development courses and spiritual workshops. 

Finally in 2010, Karen, in response to a deep soul calling to serve, began offering her healing services to the public as well as facilitating meditation and healing circles. 

Karen loves working with people. Her greatest joy is in supporting and helping people heal in whatever life situations they find themselves in, and to help empower them to take steps to find greater health, peace, abundance and happiness.

Everything that Karen has done and experienced seems to have been in preparation for her rendezvous with the Andara Crystals in this lifetime. Karen brings to her relationship with the Andaras not just the wealth of information, training, experience, knowledge and techniques she has been privileged to receive in this lifetime and in others, but also her heart, her willingness to serve and her tenacity to achieve measureable results. 

Karen feels privileged and blessed to bring Andara Miracle Healing to you so that you too can experience miracle healings for greater health, wealth, joy, well-being and peace in your life.

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